University of California San Diego, Department of Cognitive Science

Co-Principal Investigator, A Proposal to the National Science Foundation for Support of the Eighth Annual inter-Science of Learning Centers Conference ($92,131), 2015
GSA Travel Grant, 2015
Cognitive Science Travel Grant, 2015
SeaBASS Graduate Bioacoustics Summer School (Funded), 2014
Cognitive Science Travel Grant, 2014
TDLC Small Grant ($2500), 2014
NIMBioS Short Term Visit Grant, 2013
Cognitive Science Travel Grant, 2013
TDLC Small Grant ($1500), 2012
iSLC Conference (Funded), 2012
CARTA Fellowship in Anthropogeny, 2012
MLeXAI Travel Grant: Machine Learning Experiences in Artificial Intelligence, 2011
UCLA IPAM Graduate Summer School: Probabilistic Models of Cognition (Funded), 2011
Cognitive Science Travel Grant, 2011
Jacobs Fellow, 2010
Glushko Fellowship, 2010
Dean’s Fellowship, 2010

Indiana University Department of Mathematics

Departmental Honors, May 2006
Program designed for students pursuing graduate studies in mathematics
Thelma Abell Prize, April 2005 and April 2006
Awarded for outstanding math achievement

Indiana University Cognitive Science Program

Departmental Honors, May 2006
Awarded for completion of an Honors Thesis subject to faculty review
Outstanding Achievement Award, April 2006
Awarded every two years to one student for outstanding coursework and research

Indiana University Alumni Association

Finalist in the Homecoming King Competition, October 2005
Awarded for campus involvement, leadership qualities, scholarship, and quality of written essays

Indiana University Honors College

Research Grant Recipient, May 2005
Hutton Honors College Scholarship, 2002 – 2006

Indiana University
IU Faculty Award, 2002 – 2006